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Yacht Rental Services

The professional team of the World Wide Group that offers private yacht rental counseling can offer ...

Yacht Rental Services

Yacht Rental Services

The professional team of the World Wide Group that offers private yacht rental counseling can offer fast special rental service to you, our special customers, with its luxury yachts, catamarans and sailing yachts with any specifications and comfort you may desire in every point of the world. In addition to the special yacht rental service, we can make a private licensed sea captain and technical and service teams ready in your private yacht for you, our distinguished guests, at any time interval for the purpose of maximum comfort.

As WW Transports team, we can offer Private Yacht Rental services in several European countries, particularly Turkey and then Italy, France, Greece, Spain and Croatia, as well as some regions of Asia Pacific and America.

We are able to provide special price advantages to our affiliated customers in private yacht rental services through our strong connections and special contracted service support firms in the entire geography we can offer private yacht rental service.

We’d like to indicate that we will be happy to architect a yacht travel experience to remember to you along with your beloved ones. We made all comfortable private yachts ready for you. So are you ready for that special adventure?

If your answer is yes, then we are awaiting in all our communication channels to help you in renting the most special yachts.

The services included in our Private Yacht Rental Service are as follows:

˃˃ Special catering package. The package involves rum, fruit juice, fruit plate, water,

coffee, tea, milk and ice.

˃˃ Bedsheets and 2 towels for each person.

˃˃ Equipment support for all technical, safety and fuel procurements

˃˃ Mask and snorkels

˃˃ Daily weather report

˃˃ On your demand, training for technical and practical details of your private yacht lasting half a day, determination of yacht route along with the sea captain and navigation pleasure

˃˃ In addition, we offer the following services upon the request of you, our distinguished guests:

˃˃ Plates of Cuisine art: Provision of food alternatives to your taste from sushi to Turkish kebab

˃˃ Party with DJ: Live music services fit for all organizations

˃˃ Photography Service: Have our professional photographer immortalize your unforgettable yacht journey or special days you plan to celebrate on your private yacht

˃˃ Flower Order Service: Flowers designed in accordance with the particular organization will bring color to your private yacht journey.

˃˃ Luxury transportation to the city center: We can ensure your transportation via all kinds of luxury vehicles from Rolls Royce to Limousine.

˃˃ Procurement of Water Sports Materials: Wakeboarding, water skiing, banana/donut ride, parasailing and windsurfing.